A.D.A - Advanced Drug Administration, is an innovative startup focused on the development of advanced inhalation therapies

Our approach is based on the design of customized drug delivery systems able to improve the tolerability, selectivity and efficacy of drugs currently used for the treatment of chronic lung disease (COPD, lung fibrosis and asthma) that show suboptimal performances.

Our diverse backgrounds, common values and previous experiences in both scientific research and commercial pharmaceutical sectors motivated us to partner up for this venture.

Pulmonary diseases with particular focus on chronic respiratory pathologies.

In the last 30 years the chronic pulmonary disease increased by 18% with approximately 4 million deaths in 2017.

However, with only 1,24% of the total FDA approvals there is an evidence of insufficient use of inhalation therapy drugs.

The current approach leads to the development of new drugs with high costs and high risk of failure.

The technological innovation of A.D.A. leads to maximize the therapeutic prospective of well-known oral pulmonary remedies through dedicated and improved drug delivery systems.

Existing gap and how we bridge it!

Currently, some respiratory drugs are administered by oral route with low efficacy and/or high toxicity.

A.D.A. proposes solutions based on drug delivery systems that allow the administration of drugs directly into the lungs as liquid or powders.

A.D.A.’s platform employs biocompatible lipids able to encapsulate therapeutic molecules, protect them from the external environment and releasing them on the “targeted” cells.

Our customized approach allow obtaining the most suitable drug delivery system for each active substance maximizing the encapsulation efficiency, the stability and the release.


The targeted and local therapy can improve the efficacy and reduce the toxicity of approved orally respiratory drugs. Indeed the direct pulmonary administration allows at the same time for application with lower doses and reduction of extra-pulmonary side effects due to the targeted therapy approach.

Compared to the common inhalation therapies, A.D.A.’s solution is characterized by particles able to carry the drugs in the lower respiratory tract with more interactions with the targeted cells.


Alessandro Marengo

Alessandro Marengo owns a PhD in nanomedicine from the University of Turin (2017) followed by a post-doctoral experience at the French CNR (2018-2020). He has experience in designing lipid based drug delivery systems.

Davide Russo

Davide Russo is a scientist with a degree in Master of Science in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology (2016).

He worked previously in different pharmaceutical company holdings positions in R&D (pharmaceutical technology), quality control and production departments.

Alessio Ronchail

Alessio Ronchail has a degree in Master of Science in Pharmacy (2007) and an MBA from the ESCP Europe (2018). He is the first investor in the venture and works as consultant for pharmaceutical companies.


Email: info@ada.srl

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Corso Galileo Ferraris 71, 10128 Turin (Italy)

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Via Gioacchino Quarello 15/a, 10135 Turin (Italy)

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